What is Melaleuca oil

What is Melaleuca oil? | Top tea tree oil facts 2020

What is melaleuca oil?

Many of us donot knows So what is melaleuca oil? Melaleuca oil is an essential oil which is also known as tea tree oil. This oil has a fresh camphoraceous smell and it’s color ranges from transparent color to pale yellow.

Don’t misunderstand this oil is taken from ordinary tea trees which are used to make drinkable tea like black tea and green tea.

This tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia is a native tall shrub in New South Wales, Australia while the drinkable tea plant Camellia sinensis is grown around Asia. The other important thing about Melaleuca plant is it is toxic when taken orally. So do not consider these two shrubs as one plant and ingest any part of the tea tree.(Melaleuca)

Melaleuca oil throughout the decades

This essential oil was available as a commercial product in the early 1920s. Since then global market price has increased largely throughout the decades. Though the scientific research based evidence is less, traditional medicine practitioners use this oil to treat many skin conditions. Their experience and case based evidence has increased the use of it.

Uses of melaleuca oil/ tea tree oil

What is Melaleuca oil
What is Melaleuca oil

Tea tree oil has been used to treat acne, athletes foot, dandruff and nail fungus successfully. It has antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There are more than 20 uses of tea tree oil mainly. You can refer to our article “ tea tree oil uses” for that.

When using Tea tree oil for lice under kids of 12 years you have to be very careful. Dandruff, hair fall, hair dryness are successfully treated with this melaleuca oil. Tea tree oil for acne is a bit controversial. To know about it in detail you may refer to this article.

This oil is used to remove the toxins after an insect bite. Herpes, nail fungus, cellulite are also treated with melaleuca oil. There are interesting recipes that you can make at home by combining tea tree oil with other essential oils such as lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil and ginger essential oil. Always keep in mind to use these essential oils with carrier oils such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil.

Tea tree oil shampoo is something you can either make at home or buy a commercially available product. There are many health benefits of tea tree oil shampoo that gives you a long, glowing hair.

Tea tree oil for dogs and other pets can be toxic and should be used cautiously. The containers carrying this oil should be stored and safely from kids, elderly and pets.

Malaleuca oil contains phytochemicals that help to kill lice, fleas, bed bugs and scabies. To kill these pathogens tea tree oil blend should be correctly prepared.

Safety issues of using tea tree oil

Safety issues of using tea tree oil
Safety issues of using tea tree oil

If you ingest melaleuca oil, it is poisonous. Side effects of tea tree oil range from drowsiness to severe skin rashes.
This essential oil has a huge number of side effects compared to other essential oils.
Documented allergic reactions are commonly reported in Australia. Children under 12 years of age are more susceptible to develop allergic reactions.
When exposed to light or air, free radicals are formed on your skin that damage your cells.
You can not apply it around your lips, eyes and other sensitive areas when using tea tree oil for face.
If ingested accidentally you have to meet your doctor.
Some men can get hormonal abnormalities causing abnormal breast enlargement.
This oil is toxic to dogs and cats that can even cause death after applying high doses on the skin.