the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction the Secret for Success, Money and Happiness

What is The Law of Attraction?

What is The Law of Attraction?
What is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is an ability, a skill, a daily routine that helps you to attract materialistic things, spiritual things, people and many others. You name something, you can attract it by practicing the law of attraction.

If you are interested in life energy and the supernatural powers of our own minds, this is a good topic for you to learn. If you dig into this topic you may find how many billionaires, successful people, people who are leading good family lives, people who are in top ranks of politics, sports are practicing this.

It doesn’t matter what religion, ethnicity you belong to if you are passionate enough to learn how this mind and life energy works. You can start it by attracting simple things in life and experiencing the wonder of it. Trying it won’t cost anything from you as it can be practiced as a daily routine.

And keep in mind, that all your negative energy makes you a pessimistic person. We all have heard the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way” Doesn’t it mean that every big achievement starts as a small thought in our mind? Amazing, isn’t it?

So this is how you can start practicing the law of attraction today itself.

How to practice the law of attraction

How to practice the law of attraction
How to practice the law of attraction?

Be grateful for things you have already

When you get up early in the morning be grateful for your family, friends, health and opportunities you had in life. Try to forget all the bad things that happened in your life. If you feel like there’s nothing you can be grateful for in life, then be grateful for the new day, another morning that you can start fresh.

Try to forget all the bad things and concentrate on one good thing you have. This helps you to  be positive throughout the day.

Be affirmative

The law of attraction is all about awakening your chakra(life energy) and concentrating on positive thoughts. Try your best to throw away the insecurities you have about the future.

Start Visualisation

Start visualizing the things you want to attract in life. For example if you want to be a billionaire, think that you are rich, you have lots of money.  Don’t misunderstand this as day dreaming. This is all about practicing to have a positive mindset.

Keep a journal

Write your dreams, what you want to become in the future. Writing helps to engrave positive thoughts into your mind.

Be kind, be humble, live and let others live

 Try to easily forget and forgive people who do wrong to you. If you think about them, the law of attraction will attract bad people all the time. Try to associate with positive people. Have friends who are encouraging and empowering. If you have to hear a conversation about negative things, don’t listen to it. Pretend like you’re listening and concentrate your mind on something positive.    

You may find it hard to practice the law of attraction in the beginning. But practice makes you perfect! The key to success in the law of attraction is truly believing in life energy. How life energy helps you to write your own destiny.

When bad things happen in life, try to move on fast. Bad things happen when you have done bad things in the past. Karma is always coming behind you like a shadow. Live a life as a optimistic person using the law of attraction.

Easy tips to follow when you are practicing the science of energy

Easy tips for the law of attraction
Easy tips for the law of attraction

Train your mind and work for your goals at the same time

You can’t just be a daydreamer and wait till things fall from the sky.The law of attraction is not for lazy people. It’s for people who are truly enthusiastic about reaching their goals.

Try to practice it at least three times a day

You can practice gratitude, affirmation and visualisation before meals. It will cost you only a few minutes. As humans we all have 24h. Successful people never hesitate to spend 30mintes of their time to nourish their mind. You can always set alarms in your smartphone if you forget to do it.

Take the best out of your daily routine

You can start being grateful and filling your mind with positive things when you are having a shower, when you are brushing teeth or even when you are travelling. Live in the moment and be grateful for who you are at the moment. When you look at the mirror, tell yourself you are worthy, you are confident, you are beautiful inside out and be grateful for still being alive.

Override negativity with something positive in your life

At the end we all are humans, it’s difficult to remain positive all the time. Bad things happen to everyone and life is about balancing everything. But try to close your eyes and concentrate about the good things in your life. In example if you get fired from your job, think about the good things you got from that job and think that you got fired from it only to get a better job in the future.

At the end you attract what starts in your mind as a small concept.

Start attracting small things first. It’s good to dream big.

If you aim for the moon, you’ll at least end up on top of the Eiffel Tower. But to increase your faith and confidence about the law of attraction you should first start with small things. As an example,  think you are going to work today, in the morning try to visualise how you get praised by your boss and your colleagues. You will be amazed how small, small things change only because you are grateful for your life and nourish your mind with positive thoughts.

Try your best to help others and do no harm to others

According to Buddhism(it’s not a religion, it’s a philosophy) you get what you give. If you do good things to others, good things will follow you. If you do bad things, it will also follow you. Try to be a good person mentally and physically both.

Empower others, don’t try to fill yourself with jealousy, anger and hatred. If someone is better than you, analyze it and try to adapt yourself with good qualities of others. Also makes sure to associate optimistic friends and relatives. Try to avoid people who fill you with pessimism all the time. Encourage others to be their best version of themselves and get encouragement  to be your best version.

Try, try, try one day you can fly

Be a little birdie who puts its best effort to fly alone. Never stop trying. Don’t be afraid to seek support from family, friends and medical professionals if life becomes harder day by day. But always try to appreciate little things in life! Be grateful for having a roof to sleep under, to be pampered by love, to be warm in the winter and to have food when some people are lacking even the basic needs of life.

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