tea tree oil for acne

Tea tree oil for acne | Best acne treatment in 2020

The Australian tea tree oil is massively used in the present as skin n hair remedies. Tea tree oil for acne is one of the best uses of this phenomenal essential oil. Throughout the centuries tea tree oil was used even without much scientific evidence. But now there are many researches done to prove the benefits of tea tree oil in treating skin conditions. Here are the latest three research findings in treating acne.

Research articles about tea tree oil for acne

tea tree oil for acne
Research Articles
  1. 2019 research- It’s the latest research done on tea tree oil for acne. The research was conducted by combining aloe vera juice with tea tree oil. The conclusion was it helps to reduce the inflammation and infection in acne but it’s not a complete cure for acne.
  2. 2017 study- 14 participants with mild to moderate acne were treated with tea tree oil for 12 weeks. They applied it twice daily. This research concluded there are many benefits of tea tree oil to treat acne without much adverse effects.
  3. 2015 study – 35 participants were treated with this essential oil for 6 weeks. The time period was not enough to give proper conclusions in treating acne with tea tree oil.

Here is the recipe to make your own tea tree oil for acne

tea tree oil for acne
Recipe to make tea tree oil for acne

The number one thing you should remember is never to apply tea tree oil for acne alone without a carrier oil as it can be toxic to your skin.

  1. Mix 2 drops of tea tree oil with 10 drops of carrier oils such as olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil which is good for acne. Don’t use oils that can worsen your acne.
  2. Before applying for the first time do a patch test behind your ear or forearm. Give some time to see whether any redness, irritation develops in the area you applied the oil mixture.
  3. Before applying the oil into your neck and face, make sure to cleanse your face with a mild acne friendly cleanser and cool water. Do not wash your face with warm water which can mimic redness of skin reactions.
  4. Apply the tea tree oil only on the acne. Make sure not to apply around the eyes and 1cm area around your mouth.
  5. Use this essential oil twice daily for mild to moderate acne.

If you feel even mild symptoms of skin reactions such as redness, itching, irritation, abnormal sensations discontinue using the essential oil. Wash away the oil with a mild cleanser and water. Meet your doctor immediately if you ingest it or your eyes get contamintated with the oil.

Tea tree oils are also used for many other skin and scalp problems. Eczema, dandruff and fungal infections are treated successfully with tea tree oil when used cautiously.

Tea tree oil for acne – final conclusion

tea tree oil for acne

Tea tree oil is massively effective in treating mild to moderate acne if used two times a day at least for two weeks continuously. Low compliance to treatment can increase your acne as it’s a natural mechanism of the human body.

According to research Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid is more effective than tea tree oil for acne.

Tea tree oil is a good complimentary regimen. It may vary from person to person. If your acne is severe or it doesn’t get resolved with home remedies meet your dermatologist immediately. Every human gets acne but no one wants permanent acne scars.

These are some of the the treatment modalities your dermatologist may use to treat your acne.

  1. Retinoids
  2. Oral and topical antibiotics for 21 days
  3. Birth control pills
  4. Anti- androgen therapy
  5. Cleansers and spf 30
  6. Special diet plans to reduce spices- fats doesn’t give you acne

As humans we should start appreciating our own bodies. Few acne won’t make you ugly, but will make you more human. There are many expensive treatments to treat your skin if you are as rich as the Kardashians. If you are not, then appreciate your flaws and try to be better than yesterday! That’s what life is at the end of the day!