essential oils for congestion

How to Use Essential Oils for Congestion and related issues

The feeling of difficulty in breath really a troublesome case. Since we need oxygen to carry out all the living activities, it is very much important to keep your lungs clean to maintain the body’s homeostasis. But, once you suffering from blocked type pain around your head and neck it is so difficult to bear and probably it is also affecting to relax breathing. As with the recent studies, most of the orally prescribing drugs are not reactive with this matter to offer positive results. Then, the doctors will only prescribe you to follow steaming along with physiotherapeutic treatments. But, do you know the certain essential oils for congestion can boost the activities of these treatments option? So, you would be able to have faster relief without worrying too much on headache. Otherwise, the bad lung functions due to congestion may lead to so many impairments inside your body.

3 ways to apply Essential Oils for Congestion

Inhale the steam

Yes! Simply you can use take these agents through your nose to send the steam even up to the deep into alveoli. But, nowadays, there are so many beliefs on the good and bad of this practice. Actually, the traditional practices highly appreciate the use of these techniques to mobilize the secretions collected inside the lungs and cavities. But, the recent research findings have a different point of view in this fact.

Topical application

In here, you may use gel type ointment or dried form of these oils to apply for paining areas. This will give you sudden relief of pains. And also it will ease off the respiratory efforts as well.

Use of diffusing apparatus

If your doctor suggests the use of any supportive device to inhale these oils, you can buy one from the nearest pharmacy. Actually, this is a bit advanced than just taking a breath through the open air. Since it allows to take all the amount of oil we are using inside this device, it is a good method to relieve the discomforts very easily.

3 Best Essential Oils for Chest Congestion

essential oils for chest congestion


This is a well-known solution for this case. So, it has become a necessary ingredient for most of the western medicinal drugs and topical ointments. Hence, this will be an ideal option to get rid of all the disturbing pains related to this matter.


The mint odor of the plants in this family has a relieving effect for sinusitis by mobilizing the blocked cavities. Thus, it is good to have a try for mint tea every morning and evening for better result.

Tea tree

Even though this is a bit rare and expensive variety, it has many uses over most of the difficulties related to this problem. So, when you failed to achieve the pain-relieving effect by using any other common type of oil. You can easily buy a pack of this oil through online stores for a reasonable price.

The outline

In here, we wanted to highlight the use of essential oils for congestion and related problems to have a faster cure. Thus, we believe that we have successfully introduced all the facts on how to extract optimal uses of these natural herbs to get rid of congestion. So, we invite you to follow all the details and try those during an episode of this troublesome condition. Further, we hope to publish more and more writings on this topic to ensure the use of herbs out of chemical natured treatments. Hence, do not forget to read us frequently to gather useful facts on this!