How to look elegant

How to Look Elegant, Smart and Expensive on a Budget in 2020

This topic has become a bit controversial in the modern day as everyone loves to look elegant,smart and expensive even though they are not rich. People always tell never to judge a person by his/her appearance. But still there are many people who believe in “first impression matters”.

Think a while about our all time favourite “Princess Diana” She is a person who is admired and loved all around the world for being nice inside out. Imagine if she wore ragged clothes and didn’t do her hair and makeup properly will she be loved the same? No, never! So First Impressions matter a lot. Why would you settle for a plain Jane when you can be the princess in your own kingdom?

Here are a few tips for you to look elegant, smart and expensive like a princess.

Top 10 tips to look elegant, smart and expensive

Top 10 tips to look elegant, smart and expensive
Top 10 tips to look elegant, smart and expensive

1.0 Self care.

Keeping  good hygiene won’t cost you much. Spend some time on keeping you clean. As women maintain nice hair, nails and skin. If you have problems, seek medical attention to correct your flaws. Don’t misunderstand the word flaws, as humans we all experience acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, pigmentations and easily breakable nails. If you have major issues, then you should spend some time and money to fix it.

2.0 Try to maintain your BMI

Women look smart and elegant when they are in their best shape. It automatically boosts your confidence and makes you look smart in any outfit. Losing weight or gaining weight is not a hard thing like everyone says. If you have a will, you will always find a way to do it.

3.0 Dress according to your body type

If you are a bit oversized try to wear shapewear and try to camouflage your bodyparts. If you have arm fat try to hide it with some nice sleeves of your dress or top. If there are fat layers everywhere around your torso avoid wearing clothes in stretchy materials. You will look disproportionate and it will be an ugly sight to the others.

4.0 Custom tailor your clothes to your size

You are not alone if you can never find a garment that fits you well. Ready made garments are made for average people. It’s okay to be thinner, talker, shorter, fatter than the normal average woman. But it’s not so elegant, smart or expensive looking if you wear a garment that does not fit you well. Always take the readymade garment to your nearest tailor and alternate it to your size.

5.0 Choose proper colors for your clothes

Try to wear earthy, natural colors like white, grey, beige, black, navy blue, natural greens and browns. You can choose pastel colors like baby pink, baby blue and baby yellows. Make sure you don’t wear neon colors like magenta and luminous colors. Though red is a bright color, it can make you look elegant and expensive if you do it properly. If you are a beginner don’t try to start with red. Instead start wearing white, beige, navy blue and black.

6.0 Choose proper colors for your skin tone

if you have a warm skin tone go for warm colors like black, brown, burgundy, navy blue. Whites, beige and reds also can be good if your skin has a warmer tone. Pastel colors and white are best for cool skin tones. Blacks and navy blues can make you look paler and sick. With the experience you will start to realise in which colors you look your best. Then try to go for those colors without spending thousands of money on clothes that washout you.

7.0 Wear proper accessories

Don’t try to over do or under do your accessories. Try to match your sunglasses, handbags, watches, shoes and jackets to your outfit, hair color and skin tone. Accessories play a main role in making you expensive and help you look elegant. If you can’t afford accessories in many colors, buy them in black, white, beige or gray. You will never regret buying it if you can style it with many outfits.

8.0 Quality over quantity

Girls are born with their shopaholic genes. But never buy everything you see because they are on sale. Always invest in quality classic pieces that will last year after year in your wardrobe. If you have good tailored white pants, you can make many outfits using it. It will be your all time favourite if you look fabulous in it everytime you wear it. So spend money for the quality product inorder to look elegant and expensive.

9.0 Choose the correct material

Try to wear natural material that looks more expensive. Avoid wearing rough looking polyester clothes. Invest money on cashmere, cotton, linen and silk. Apart from that there are expensive looking synthetic materials such as viscose, combined polyester and rayon. Avoid wearing cheap looking jersey material, PU leather and washed out clothes in order to look expensive on a budget.

10.0 Dress according to the occasion

A lady dressed according to the occasion will be more elegant, smart and classy. Don’t run errands while wearing your gym clothes or sweat pants. Though you are dressed casually make sure that you look pleasant to others. Don’t wear your evening wear to a brunch that will make you look tacky. Wear comfortable and conservative clothes that boost your confidence.

Finally dress up to impress yourself while being a pleasant sight to others. Everyone will love you if you are beautiful inside out like Princess Diana was loved.