Essential Oils for ocd

Essential oils for OCD – Best Natural Solution in 2020

In today’s article we are going to teach you about OCD and how to use essential oils for OCD as a natural treatment.

First of all lets see what is OCD?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD)  is a psychiatric condition that makes you perform certain daily routines repeatedly and makes you think about something repeatedly.

This disorder affects 2.3% of the population at some age of their life. This can be varied from mild to severe forms.

For mild cases psychiatrists recommend cognitive behavioural therapy where essential oils for OCD have a place in it. For moderate to severe cases your doctor will prescribe you with antidepressants and antipsychotics. The problem with these drugs is they have many harmful side effects.

Risk factors to develop OCD

Risk factors to develop OCD
Risk factors to develop OCD
  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. History of child abuse
  3. Stress inducing traumatic events
  4. Severe infections such as encephalitis, pneumonia
  5. Past history of suicide

How to find whether you have OCD

How to find whether you have OCD
How to find whether you have OCD
  • You feel like performing tasks (compulsions) frequently and if you don’t do it you get anxiety.

Ex : hand washing, counting things, checking whether the doors and windows are locked

  • Having sexual obsessions repeatedly- appropriate and inappropriate both
  • Over valued ideas

If you have mild symptoms you can start using essential oils for OCD. Many researchers have proved that essential oils help to increase OCD symptoms.

The top 12 essential oils for OCD

The top 12 essential oils for OCD 
The top 12 essential oils for OCD

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense has an aroma that helps to calm yourself while  increasing attention and focus. You can add 2 drops of frankincense essential oil with 4 drops of coconut oil and apply it behind your ears or wrist.

If you dislike the greasiness you can use a home diffuser to fill your room with the rich smell of Frankincense.

Patchouli essential oil

These essential oils for OCD improves your focus and concentration drastically. Patchouli essential oil is best to be used in study areas where children with OCD can inhale the aroma.

Lavender essential oils for OCD

The rich aroma of Lavender essential oil helps to reduce anxiety and headache you get from obsessive thoughts. The lavender smell increases chemicals in your brain that give you calmness and coziness.

Lavender essential oils for OCD is mostly preferred by female patients who are suffering from obsessive and compulsive thoughts.

Geranium essential oil for OCD

Beautiful geranium flowers provide you with a rich aroma that instantly soothes your soul. Geranium essential oil reduces the fear and anxiety that you get from repetitive thoughts. You can either inhale or apply it on your wrist and feet. A good massage with this oil will help to reduce the tension in your body.

Cypress essential oil

This essential oil for OCD improves your blood circulation and acts as a detoxifying agent. As there are few side effects of this essential oil, you should avoid applying it on your skin. Instead you can use it in a diffuser with a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

Chamomile essential oil

This essential oi for OCD helps you to fall asleep quickly. A research study has shown that chamomile oil capsules reduce anxiety and depression to a certain degree. This is also available as chamomile flavoured tea. According to your preference you can either inhale or apply it on your skin.

Lemon essential oil

Citrus essential oils provides with immediate relaxation and also increases your immunity. Lemon essential oil for OCD is the best option for who have cravings for sour and bitter taste. Vitamin C rich lemon essential oil is available as inhalers and capsules.

Sandalwood essential oils for OCD

If you are suffering from obsessive thoughts, you can inhale this oil to get a relief. As allergic reactions can occur, it’s best to not to be applied on your skin. These essential oils for OCD are not good to be used in pregnancy because of potential side effects.

Spikenard essential oil

For optimal effects, you can use this in small amounts as there are potential adverse reactions. The healing and soothing properties of this essential oil is beneficial in treating ocd. You can inhale the aroma of this oil for a change and it’s better if you don’t use it frequently.

Tangerine essential oil

Do you feel irritable, bloating, sleeplessness often? If so, these essential oils for OCD provides you with happiness and calmness. You can apply it on your skin with a carrier oil or inhale the aroma using a home diffuser.

Ylang ylang essential oil

This is the best essential oil to fight against aggressiveness. OCD symptoms are relieved when applied behind your ears by stimulating blood circulation.

Eucalyptus essential oils for OCD

This is used only in home diffusers. You can’t apply it on skin or ingest it because of its side effects. Eucalyptus essential oil has healing properties that reduce your headaches, runny nose, fever and appetite loss.

OCD is successfully treated around the world by cognitive behavioural therapy. You can accelerate the effects by using a simple essential oil diffuser at home.