Essential oils for immunity support

Top 10 Essential oils for Immunity support

Did you know? using essential oils for immunity support is one of the most effective ways to naturally enhance your immune system. Today I am going to tell you about how does our immune system work and how to use essential oils for immunity.

Our immune system is the main mechanism to fight against toxins and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and worms.

There are two subsystems in our body which are innate immunity and acquired immunity.

Innate immunity


What is innate immunity
What is innate immunity?

We get innate immunity from birth. From skin to white blood cells provide us immunity to fight against pathogens. Skin is the largest organ that helps to prevent unwanted organisms entering our body.

Acquired immunity

what is Acquired immunity
What is Acquired Immunity?

This immune system starts working when our body is exposed to a certain type of pathogens. For example if you had chickenpox once then you won’t get it again due to your  acquired immunity. Vaccines also help us to get this acquired immunity.

How to boost your immunity

Adequate sleep, balanced diet, regular exercises increase blood circulation and reduce oxidative stress in our cells. Cell repair and regeneration is essential for good immunity.

Addition to that you can use essential oils to boost your immunity as they have antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties.

Essential oils for immunity support

Lemon essential oils for immunity

This essential oil consists of powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties. This citrus fruit oil is rich in vitamin C which neutralises free radicals and reduces irreversible cell damage. The other fact about vitamin C is you need to take it daily as there are no body stores of this vitamin and they are excreted through urine. This essential oil is for inhalation through a diffuser. If you are staying indoors you can mix a few drops with a carrier oil and apply it behind your ears or temples. Make sure not to go out in the sun  after applying on skin as it has phototoxic properties.

Eucalyptus essential oils for immunity

This is commonly used for respiratory tract infections in traditional medicine. This essential oil has antiviral properties in addition to antibacterial effects.

Make sure to store these essential oils safe from pets, kids and elderly as they are highly concentrated and could be toxic if ingested.

Lavender essential oils for immunity

Personally, this is my favourite essential oil fragrance. When used in a diffuser or as a readymade inhaler, lavender essential oil helps to calm and soothe you. At the end of a stressful day this fragrance will help to make you fall asleep quickly and give you an uninterrupted sleep.

Keep in mind that increased stress and reduced sleep always weaken your immune system.

Oregano essential oils for immunity

This essential oil has a huge capacity to kill germs including viruses and funguses. This warming essential can be toxic if not used with care. If you are a breastfeeding mother or there are kids at home, use lavender essential oil instead of this oil. This essential oil is good for the winter season to be used in a diffuser. As this is a potent substance to kill pathogens, make sure only to add 4,5 drops into 200ml of carrier oil.

Peppermint essential oils for immunity

Peppermint essential oil is widely used for digestive problems, cold, headaches, sinus infections and ringworm infections. It should be used cautiously  if you have infants and kids under 12 years.

Tip –   If you are a beginner to use essential oils first try it in a diffuser. Add only 4,5 drops of essential oil of your choice into 200ml of carrier oil. Gradually increase the drops upto 12 if you feel the fragrance is not enough. Handle with care as commercially available products are concentrated.

Tea tree essential oils for immunity

This is a potent germ killer that should be used cautiously. As this oil consists of immunostimulant properties, it has been used for many decades. Traditional medicine practitioners have found that it can be used to treat fungal infections effectively. This essential oil is should also be used cautiously. Never use it for head lices in children under 12 years. If kids swallow it accidentally, seek immediate medical care.

Palmarosa essential oils for immunity

If you see the labels in skin care products, most of them consists of this oil. It is important oil for good skin health. Always keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ in the body that prevents microorganisms entering your body.

This essential oil is good to be combined with other oils for a good aroma and the added benefit of it is, being less toxic than other oils. You can apply it on the skin after diluting with a carrier oil.

Palmrosa essential oil blend recipe

You need,

  • 4 drops palmarosa oil
  • combined it with 2 drops  each of lemon, tea tree oil and peppermint oil.
  •  If you like you can add one drop of clove bud oil too. Mix them well in 200ml of carrier oil or 250ml of boiling water.

You can inhale the aroma for 30minutes and relax your mind. You can get a good massage if you combine it with 350ml of coconut oil and gently apply it on skin.

Clove bud essential oils for immunity

This powerful antiseptic oil is used for digestive issues, cold, common flu and oral health. Clove bud is one of the favourite spices used to cook around Asia. You can apply it on skin with a carrier oil as it’s not toxic to your skin. It helps to fight against virulent viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Rosemary essential oils for immunity

Rosemary essential oil consists of 1,8-cineole which stimulates the glands in the respiratory system that fight against microorganisms.

This oil should be handled cautiously as it can be toxic to kids and pets.

This essential oil increases the production of white blood cells that engulf and destroy unwanted pathogens that enter the body.

Rosemary essential oil blend recipe

You need,

  • 4 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops each from eucalyptus and oregano essential oils

Combine them with 150ml of sweet almond oil or olive oil and inhale the smell using a diffuser every day when you are doing household work.

Niaouli essential oils for immunity

This essential oil is also commonly used for colds, cough and fever. It’s also good for parasitic infections. You can combine this oil easily with any other oil of your choice. This is the best aroma diffuser to be used in washrooms.

Above mentioned oils are the top 10 essential oils immunity support. They have dual actions.

  1. Can be used as a chemical to fight against germs.
  2. It calms and relaxes, improves your mental health and gives you a luxurious sleep at night. MK

Spending a few dollars on a good essential oil diffuser will bring you the joy of simple luxuries in life.