essential oils for hangover

Essential Oils for Hangover | Best way to recover after a party in 2020

Hangover is a common condition all alcohol users experience at least once a month. Do not judge yourself or your loved ones because it’s human nature to let loose once in a while.  This article will present you a easy recovery method using essential oils for hangover.

Recommended dosage of alcohol

Recommended dosage of alcohol
Recommended dosage of alcohol

It’s good for your health and reputation if you can limit your alcohol intake into the recommended amount. Therefore we would like to explain you about the recommended dosage of alcohol before talking about to essential oils for hangover in detail .

Men can drink 2 units per day while women can drink only one unit per day.

Here are some examples for you to understand it more.

Ex :

  1. 355ml of beer stands for 1 unit – 12 fluid ounces( 4.5% alcohol)
  2. 148ml of wine – 5 fluid ounces (11.6% alcohol)
  3. 44ml of distilled spirits (36-42% alcohol)

Health benefits of moderate alcohol use

Health benefits of moderate alcohol use
Health benefits of moderate alcohol use
  1. Reduce the risk of heart diseases
  2. Reduce the risk of ischaemic stroke
  3. Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

But it doesn’t make moderate alcohol use risk free. You are more susceptible to get in accidents even when you are drunk moderately.

Bad effects of heavy alcohol use

Bad effects of heavy alcohol use
Bad effects of heavy alcohol use

Heavy alcohol use and binge drinking will harm you in many different ways. If you are an alcohol addict, meet your doctor today itself and get treatment if you love yourself.

Heavy alcohol use increases the risk of health problems such as,

  1. Breast, oral, esophageal cancers
  2. Pancreatitis
  3. Sudden death
  4. Stroke
  5. Blood pressure
  6. Liver disease
  7. Suicidal risk
  8. Trauma
  9. Brain damage of your child if you are pregnant
  10. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome
  11. Alcohol tolerance

Essential oils for hangover

essential oils for hangover
Essential oils for hangover
Lavender essential oil

This is one of the most effective essential oils for hangover. Lavender essential oil has the ability to give you relaxation by reducing headache, nausea  and anxiety. All you have to do is keep lavender essential oil in your fridge 24/7. When you get that nasty hangover spray the cool oil 1 foot away from your nostrils and inhale the aroma for a few minutes. Make sure it is mixed with a carrier oil such as avocado, sweet almond and olive oil.

Lavender essential oil helps to reduce sinus sickness if you are getting cold often.

Lemon essential oil, Lime essential oil, Orange essential oil

Did you know in Asia when husbands get a hangover wives are always applying lemon all over their skin and it gives instant relief. Citrus fruits are antioxidants that help to reduce the oxidative stress caused by alcohol in your cells. But make sure not to take citrus fruits orally on an empty stomach as it can aggravate gastritis because of its acidity.

What you can do is add 10-12 drops of citrus essential oil of your choice into a carrier oil such as coconut oil(50ml) in a spray bottle. Spray it in front of your nostrils and inhale the scent for 30minutes. If you are often suffering from hangovers buy a commercially available citrus essential oil inhaler.

Ginger essential oil

if you are someone who is into the hot, zesty, warm, woody and sweet flavour this essential oil is for you. Ginger has the ability to reduce headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea to a great extent. It is rich in vitamin B6 and dietary minerals such as Magnesium and Manganese. If you are on warfarin or nifedipine you can’t use ginger essential oils for hangover as it interacts with those two drugs. You can select alternative essential oils instead.

Peppermint essential oil

If you had migraine in the past or suffered from high blood pressure but still plan to get a drink with your friends tonight, you should prepare this peppermint essential oil beforehand. Peppermint essential oil has the ability to relax your muscles and increase the blood floor to your brain. It also has natural pain relieving effects. You can either apply the essential oil in your forehead or behind your ears.

If you prefer inhalation then make it in a spray bottle and inhale for 30 minutes. Make sure to combine10 drops of peppermint essential oil with 50ml of carrier oil of your choice. If you like you can have a peppermint oil bath that will cool and calm your muscles of your whole body.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that increases your blood circulation. You can use 8-12 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser and inhale the aroma for 1 hour. You can combine it with lavender essential oil for better effects.

If you like eucalyptus essential oil is good to be applied on your temples, behind the neck, behind the ears and forehead. Gently massage it and inhale the smell while concentrating on your breathing. By using this essential oils for hangover you will get the spa-like luxurious feeling even after a  really bad hangover.

Rosemary essential oil

Boil some water(200ml) and add 8-10 drops of rosemary essential oil into it. Keep it near you so that you can inhale the aroma until it cools down to a level that it doesn’t burn your face. When it cools down a little inhale the steam and relax yourself for 30minutes.

The essential oils available in the market are concentrated. Always make sure to combine it with a carrier oil (coconut oil/ olive oil) or boiling water. Some essential oils are toxic if you take orally. So make sure to store them properly from your kids, pets and elderly.

Essential oils are the best home remedy for nasty hangovers. But you can also drink a lot of water, eat breakfast and sleep 8-10hours to get back to normal and proceed with your daily routine. Make sure to fill your room with the essence of essential oils so you get a calm and soothing sleep.