Essential Oils for Cellulite

Essential Oils for Cellulite | Best Treatment in 2020

When the summer comes we all are so excited to show off our well toned muscles and glowing skin, aren’t we?

But if you are worried about cellulite, don’t worry there is an effective way to get rid of the uneven skin using essential oils for cellulite.

Cellulite is a common condition that affects the skin of your hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks. The skin looks lumpy, dimpled and less smooth due to excessive fat accumulation under your skin. Recent weight loss or weight gain can cause this condition.

According to research conducted in 2014 90% of the female population suffers from cellulite. It doesn’t mean that men are not affected by cellulite, it means they don’t consider it as a cosmetic problem. Only 2% of men  are worried about having this skin condition.

These are some of the effective essential oils for cellulite

essential oils for cellulite
Effective essential oils for cellulite
  1. Lavender essential oil
  2. Grapefruit essential oil
  3. Lemon or lime oil
  4. Rosemary oil
  5. Geranium oil
  6. Cypress oil
  7. Mandarin essential oil
  8. Spanish sage

You can add 10 drops of this essential oil into 100ml of carrier oil. Coconut oil is one of the bests carrier essential oils for cellulite.

Coconut essential oil boosts collagen production in your skin. Collagen is a protein that firms and tightens your outer skin by attaching it to the inner skin tightly. When you grow old these collagen levels decrease and start skin creasing.

Coconut oil has good moisturising properties that provides hydration to your skin cells. It also helps to reduce excessive rubbing of your skin with clothes and other surfaces. Virgin coconut oil is less allergic compared to other essential oils.

The other carrier oils you can use are,

essential oils for cellulite
The other carrier oils you can use for cellulite
  1. Olive oil
  2. Avocado oil
  3. Sweet almond oil
  4. Jojoba oil
  5. Evening primrose
  6. Apricot kernel

How to make your essential oil blend

You are making this oil blend to be applied onto your skin. So it is necessary to be diluted.

You can use this essential oil combo upto 6months. You have to apply it twice daily for better results. Make sure not to go in the sun as some essential oils can be photo toxic.

You can add 5 drops  of essential oil of your choice into 1 tablespoon spoon of coconut oil. If you are preparing for 1month, you can add 25 drops of essential oil into 100ml of carrier oil.

Here is a famous mixture of the essential oils for cellulite.

15 drops of lemongrass essential oil

5 drops of rosemary essential oil

5 drops of lavender essential oil

100ml of sweet almond oil

Safety precautions when using essential oils for cellulite

essential oils for cellulite
Safety precautions when using essential oils for cellulite
  • Never touch your eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas with the essential oil combo
  • Keep oils out of reach from pets and children
  • Keep them out of flames.
  • Do not take them orally
  • Do a patch test in your forearm or behind your neck. Observe for 1h whether any irritation occurs in the skin
  • If accidentally ingested seek immediate medical treatment

Essential oils have many health benefits when used cautiously. If you are prone to get allergies frequently, take advice from your dermatologist, before applying any oil into your skin.

Other methods to get rid of cellulite

Essential Oils for Cellulite
Other methods to get rid of cellulite

Dry brushing

you can use a natural, bit stiff bristle containing brush to open up your pores after a shower. You have to make long sweeps instead of back and forth and circular motions.

Always make sure to brush upwards so your skin doesn’t come in the direction of gravity. You can apply blended essential oils for cellulite after brushing your skin. This dry brushing helps to get rid of dead skin, increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Consuming gelatin products

Gelatin is rich in amino acids such as glycine and proline which is needed for collagen production. As mentioned above collagen is the main component that helps to keep our skin tight and firm.

Coffee scrub combined with virgin coconut oil

You need ½ cup of coffee grounds, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Combine the ingredients and apply into the skin. Massage gently for 15 minutes and wash away with mild soap and water. This helps to remove dead skin and hydrate the new skin. Use this method once daily for two weeks.

Fish oil supplements

Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that increase vitamin absorption. You have to take it before breakfast with some fruits that are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E.

Eat nuts as snacks instead of sugar products and carbonated drinks

Nuts have good fatty acids that help to give us a glowing skin. You will be amazed by the results after changing this habit. I had extremely dry skin that started to glow after eating nuts for 1 month.

To put everything in a nut shell I would say using essential oils for cellulite is one of the most effective methods to treat this skin condition.

Life is all about balance. Treating cellulite is the same. Be patient and compliant to your treatment. You will be able to feel the smooth skin within months if you take care of your skin properly!