cancer screening dogs

Let our highly trained Cancer Screening Dogs save your life!!

Why dogs? Dogs are proven to have 10,000 times more powerful scent receptors compared to humans. Cancer screening dogs are highly trained to detect any abnormality that may have occurred due to growing cancer inside YOU! The professional dogs can identify cancers by sniffing blood, breath, stool, or skin samples with a 97% accuracy. The ability is very precise so the dogs can even detect cancers in their very early stages.

Early detection of cancer allows medical professionals to take immediate and effective actions to control cancer with a higher probability of survival. Cancer is a silent killer. Some patients do not get ANY symptoms on the early cancer stages. The killer is inside you but, you do not know anything about it.

How does it work?

The dog’s ability to identify cancers in humans by sniffing biological samples is a scientifically proven theory. So, you may have a problem. Why dogs instead of modern medical devices with a 100% accuracy?

Cancer early detection is sometimes extremely costly, and some people may find them uncomfortable due to invasive methods and exposure to radiation during scanning. But using the dogs for early cancer detection is cheap accurate and non-invasive. You do not need to go anywhere to do the test. Buy an early cancer detection kit, follow the steps mentioned in the documentation, send the samples, and here you have the result.

What if the result is positive or how to verify?

If you do not have cancer it might be a waste of your money and time to undergo a costly modern medical test. But with the help of cancer sniffing dogs, you can early detect whether you have early symptoms of cancer or not. Well, if you get a positive result then you can verify the results by doing a modern medical test.

Why cancer screening dogs?

  • Cheap – Comparing to other early cancer detection methods cancer sniffing dog method is cheap.
  • Scientifically proven – The dog’s ability to early detect cancer is scientifically proven by decades of research and experiments.
  • Quick results – This method can produce results faster than other methods.
  • No side effects – Unlike other early cancer detection methods which most commonly uses scanning with radiation this method does not have ANY side effects.
  • High precision and accuracy – The accuracy of this method is more than 90%.
  • Non-Invasive – No need to use scary needles
  • Mobile – You do not need to visit any place to undergo this test.
  • Works for any cancer type – The dog’s ability is not limited to a single cancer type. They can detect the presence of abnormal chemicals generated by growing cancer even with very low concentrations.

So as you know now, cancer screening dogs are one of the best and safest methods to detect the cancer within your body without any side effects. Early Cancer detection kit can save many human lives as the accuracy is high and it is affordable campared to other medthods used to identify cancers.