Essential Oils for Water Retention

Essential Oils for Water Retention | Top 5 essential oils

Among the number of compounds responsible to build our body, the water is one of the main things. Actually, it is helping for so many physiological functions.

If we discussed in serious, if you lose the entire amount or considerable amount of water from your body, it will definitely lead to death. So, water is an essential compound for humans. But, what if we have too much water other than just the optimal amount? Yes! It is also not a good thing. Simply, we called this physiological impairment as oedema, swelling or water retention. However, recently, the researches have found using essential oils for water retention may help to get back the optimal balance.

Hence, here are the 5 best choices to have a try. If you use those correctly, you would be able to feel early recovery!

Use Fennel oil as an Essential Oil for Water Retention

This is a very good source for certain vitamin varieties and many other nutrients which need for your body’s functionalities. Thus, it’s natural powers works for removing waste products from the body and clean up the internal environment. So, it will eventually address the removal of excess fluids as well. That is why this is known as one of the best agents to apply for swollen areas.

Basically, you may use this solution in two different ways for faster results. The first one is adding a few drops to a cup of hot water or tea in the early morning drinks. Or else, you may apply directly over the affected areas. But, make sure to mix this oil with some carrier oil agent in order to avoid possible side effects.

How Geranium Oil affects water retention?

Among the variety of options, this is known as an excellent choice as it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties than all others. Further, this is also known as an awesome oil which helps the excess water removal process through diuretic properties. So, if you could find a tub of this oil, do not forget to get the advantage of it for your swollen feet.

Since the application techniques are the same as to most of the other types of natural remedy, it is easy to remember. However, if you need advanced results you can immerse in a water basin which has treated with the Geranium herb. It is also a simple thing and you do not need much oil amount to prepare such a bathtub. Thus, first of all, take a tub of hot water and pour a few drops of this oil and let it mix a while. Next, you may immerse in it to soak all over the body for faster outcomes.

Grapefruit Oil

We know, grapes are an excellent fruit for so many diet plans provided for different kinds of illnesses. In the same lines, the oil collecting after concentrating the grape juices are also enriched with a number of nutrients. At the same time, it has the powers to dilute the intracellular and extracellular fluids by reducing the vulnerability for swelling. Further, the ionic balance will help to increase blood circulation and the removal of waste products through it. This also eventually helps in minimising the swelling and puffiness.

The application methods are basically focusing on performing gently massage over the affected area. So, simply take a few drops of this solution and mix it with one and a half teaspoon of coconut oil in order to prepare a herbal mixture. Next, apply this oily solution along with the lymphatic system to fasten the draining process.

 Eucalyptus Oil

The oil of Eucalyptus is also a good home remedy for certain cases associated with excessive swelling. It can address this issue in several ways. The major effective mode of action of these oils for water retention is minimising the blood pressure. Actually, this physiological process occurs due to its effect of reducing pain and draining the waste products by diluting the water. Actually, the pressure putting on skin and underlying structures due to the collection of water and other unwanted products can cause severe pain. Thus, when you use this oil and massage in stroking movements, it will drain easily to the lymphatic system. The other herbal properties of Eucalyptus oil also works in a beneficial way to reduce inflammation. Then, your heart does not need to send blood faster with extra pressure. That is how it reducing the pressure on vessels.

 Lavender Oil

Yes! You may now familiar with the best ways of applying essential oils for water accumulation under your skin and all other body structures. So, it is basically the topical application along with any other daily using oil variety. However, amazingly, you may use lavender oil in its pure form without mixing with any other agents. Thus, if you move for this choice, definitely, you do not want to keep another bottle of oil. Actually, you may apply this directly over the noticeable oedematous areas without bothering on skin care.

Further, this is an excellent choice for relaxation therapies. So, definitely, once you use this over the affected region it will not only remove the collected water but also, it may give you some added relaxation effect as well. Since the fragrance is pleasant and smooth, everyone loves lavender more than the things we discussed early. Hence, you may also have a try with this selection for effective and faster results.

Essential Oils for Water Retention

A few words at the end…

Swelling and oedema usually refer to as a consequence of collecting water under the body structures in medicine. So, even though there are a number of western treatment choices for this, use of essential oils for water retention is one of the most beneficial agents. At the same time since using such herbs will not cause side effects, anyone can use it confidently. Thus, you may also avail these benefits from today onwards. But, if you have any question or doubts, you can use any of the inquiry methods to contact us. We are always there to provide instant replies.