4 best essential oils for puffy eyes

4 Best Essential Oils for Puffy Eyes

How to use Essential oils for puffy eyes?

The use of herbal oil to get glowing skin and beautiful face is a well-known secret over decades. So, you may use any of the product made using the herbal extracts by matching with your skin properties. Often, you can get advice from a beauty partner to identify the skin texture and properties. Thus, there will not more sufferings from dark spots, blackish circles and swollen face after getting used to following essential oils for puffy eyes.

Simply, you may avail the benefits through applying the pure form of these natural herbs or else using powder, cream or face wash like care bundles. Actually, there is no matter which is the application method, if you getting the real benefits of the oil you selected as perfect, it is the main purpose. So, eventually, you will notice positive changes in your skin. Thus, it is worth to have a try for this celebrity secrets from today onwards!

Tea tree essential oils for puffy eyes…

The effect of natural compounds present in tea tree has proved through the decades. That is why the general population has used to have a cup of tea every morning and evening as an excellent caffeine source. Similarly, the oil concentrating after putting its leaves under pressure are also having awesome properties to keep you healthy and wealthy.

Thus, you may use the remedies made of this oil in two different ways to get maximum results. The first one is keeping a cucumber slice over the eyes after wetting with a few drops of this oil. Once astringent properties of cucumber mixed with relaxing effects of tea extracts, it will be an instant relief of puffiness and intraocular pressure.

The next effective way is preparing a paste-like night cream by adding two or three millilitres of this herbal extracts with shea butter and coconut oil by one-fourth of cups.

The advantage of this second method is the ability to use it for long once prepared. But, make sure to pre-heat all the items before spoon. Or else, you also can beat or blend it by using a kitchen appliance. Further, you have to remember to use refrigerated water in order to wash out the face in the early morning after removing this paste.

But, if it is really difficult to find such a powerful oil made up of tea leaves, you may also use tea bags to treat the tired eye.

4 best essential oils for puffy eyes


lavender essential oil

The natural relaxing fragrance of this oil variety can always keep your mental condition in relaxed status. At the same time, it can promote the respiratory functions by allowing you to have the maximum amount of oxygen to keep optimal internal functions. So, this is a natural herb you can utilize for varying kind of diseases and problems from acne, puffy eyes to severe cardiorespiratory illnesses.

Thus, you can use this oil as one of the best treatment regimes by preparing an eye serum. But, you also need sweet almond oil and wax taken from bee combs to maximize the effects, So, once you collected all these by one-quarter of cups you have to stir well on a cleaned bowl.

Next, use a purified small glass bottle to store the serum to use it for long. Further, you may add a small spoon to take out try mixture without contamination.

Or else, you may also mix witch hazel, distilled water and lavender extracts and prepare a liquid-based mixture. Then, you may apply it around the eyes by using a soft material such as cotton or a pure clothe piece. Once you practice this for two or three weeks long, you may notice a perfect look without dark circles.

Lemon oil

The pure lemon extracts are known as the best remedy to get lighten skin. Similarly, the oil taken after concentrating extracts of peels or lemon are also an amazing healer included in many skincare products. Further, since this is a powerful agent with considerably higher Vitamin C content, it can boost the collagen synthesis process. So, it will gradually reduce the wrinkles and discolouration as an excellent anti aging solution. That is why it has become a major ingredient in most of the body lotions including eye creams.

Especially, this is a rich source for certain minerals such as phosphorus and Mg (magnesium). That is the main reason to explain why you can use this as an eye care solution. But, it is always recommending to use oils made up from steam distilled lemon juices or peels to have perfect outcomes at the end.

However, before using these agents, it is good to have a patch test for possible irritations. Since the skin around eyes is more sensitive and more prone to allergies, this is a very important step to follow. So, no matter what is the product you are going to apply, you must keep this in mind.

Chamomile Essential Oils

The chamomile plant extracts have used from ancient time to treat skin problems. But, it is also an amazing body calmer. So, the use of chamomile tea is a popular practice all around the world. But, if you could found a pack of this oil you may use the pastes based or liquid-based solutions to apply all around the eyes.

Usually, it is recommending to mix about a spoon of chamomile oil with two or three spoons of witch hazel to make an eye care solution. Then, apply this mixture all around the puffed areas with a piece of cloth and keep it for a few hours. Actually, it doesn’t matter to keep it overnight. But, it is better to check for possible after effects, before directly going for overnight application.

Actually, this roman chamomile helps to control water retention around the eye tissues through its anti-inflammatory properties. But, make sure to always use a carrier oil in order to avoid interactions.

The facts to remember…

Use of essential oils for puffy eyes is a well researched and proved treatment option among the general population. However, there should be more and more studies to prove it scientifically. But, you may use it as a perfect home remedy to avoid dark skin around the eyes to have a beautiful face.